Monday, September 21, 2009


Wednesday September the 16th was Ryders first day of preschool, and I got to go with him. The parents have to help out in the classroom four times during the session, so of course I set up my day as the first day of school. Ryder was so excited to go, he has been asking to go to school since he was about 3!!! I think it was everything he had hoped for and more!! In fact he likes it so much he has requested that he get to go all by himself this week..... he just doesn't need me like he used to!!

There are more pictures on my moms camera that I will share later. It is amazing how big he has gotten and how much he has grown up!! I l*ve you "little" man!!


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  1. What cute pictures of him, he looks so handsome! I wish we lived there so Emmitt could go to school with him!