Monday, September 21, 2009

Zuma Beach

This summer we got a chance to go to Zuma Beach with Kathy and Eddie. Here are some of the photos from our good time



Wednesday September the 16th was Ryders first day of preschool, and I got to go with him. The parents have to help out in the classroom four times during the session, so of course I set up my day as the first day of school. Ryder was so excited to go, he has been asking to go to school since he was about 3!!! I think it was everything he had hoped for and more!! In fact he likes it so much he has requested that he get to go all by himself this week..... he just doesn't need me like he used to!!

There are more pictures on my moms camera that I will share later. It is amazing how big he has gotten and how much he has grown up!! I l*ve you "little" man!!


Tuesday, September 15, 2009


So school is going to have to wait till next semester. Unfortunately, when I went to try to crash my classes, there was not any room for me. The way the school does it is if there are any students that want to add the class, if there is an opening,will be added by their priority registration date. So there were like 10-20 people in each of my classes that wanted to add. And there were about 5 that still had July dates, mine was Aug. 1st at 10:00am. So there was not any room for me this semester. But I will be going down to the school to use their math lab to get a customized lesson plan to help me be better at doing the calculations in my head. There is also supposed to be open testing for Air Traffic Control in January, which I am studying for. So yeah. Looks like it will hopefully be taking off in January =) YAY!!


Monday, September 14, 2009

Muttin Bustin'

Ryder has joined the Rodeo, the sheep riding rodeo that is. Thats right, my little man rode like a pro!!!

I think Matt was more nervous than Ryder was.

In the days before the actual ride, Matt got Ryder all pumped up. He was practicing the fall more than he was the actual holding on. But man, he went down like a pro!!!

Matt was so proud of him. There was another little boy that backed out at the last minuet, but Ryder climbed right on and went for it. Matt even told him that if he didnt want to do it, he just had to say so. But Ryder was sure and stuck to his guns.

Well, he looked way more sure before he did it.

And the prize winning t-shirt..... that he wont stop wearing.


Hi, my name is.....

Christine and im addicted to couponing and sale shopping. Hi Christine.

I guess there could be worse things in life to be addicted to. Here are a few glimpses into the life of a person addicted to couponing and sale shopping.....

Yes, alphabetized coupons.

..... and loot. Just looking at these pictures makes me all happy inside.....


Safety First.....

So a while back we had gone riding with Kathy and Eddie. Nice day, we all had a great time..... Ryder, Kayden and Mason started running down this pretty steep hill..... good times, but of course it always gets more daring..... so Ryder grabs his bike, no helmet. Gives it a try..... SUCCESS!!! No falls or scrapes, we are all cheering. Goes a few more times, no helmet, more cheering. Im pretty sure it was me that suggested the helmet. Ok, helmet on, bike ready, cheers.....


Editors Note: Ryder only suffered minor bruises and continues to ride. Mom on the other hand is severely scared and suffers from a guilty conscience.


Saturday, July 25, 2009

A New Man.....



Yep, thats right, the curls are gone and its a little boy cut for Mason!! Courtesy of me, mommy --Smile, and bow-- My little boy is so handsome!!


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The 4th Of July

Unfortunately, on the Forth of July, I had to work. I was really bummed, but Matt took the kids to see the fireworks with Kathy and Eddie, so I felt a little better.

Matt and the kids hanging out waiting for the show to start.....

Watching the show.....

Dang my kids are so stinking cute!!!!!!


Jesse & Jillian

Photo By: Craig A. Boisvert

On June 26, 2009 my brother Jesse and his love, Jillian, started their new lives as man and wife. The ceremony was beautiful and perfect. Gorgeous flowers, excellent weather, very good looking people, a handsome groom and a gorgeous bride, what more could you want from a wedding. It was so wonderful getting to see all of the people from mine and Jesse's childhood, and reminiscing about being young. Seeing how we have all grown up so much, started famlies of our own, started careers, moved. Its amazing where life takes us. It was also great getting to see family from out of town and to meet new extended family. We all danced and drank the night away.

Matt and I also got to spend some romantic time together and we both looked amazing. I even got Matt to dance with me!!!! I know, I was shocked. It was a wonderful weekend. I cant wait to see what Jesse and Jillian's life together will bring. I love you guys!!! Congrats!!!


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The day from h-e-double-L.....

It all started with our huge lug of a non-obedient dog.....

This is Moto.....

Now, please keep in mind, this picture was taken 7 months ago!!!! He is now the size of a cow, and weighs as much..... at least.

Ok so I just took some new pictures of our cow, Moto, just to show you the sheer immenseness of him.....

His big cow face.....

The cow's couch.....

And finally his ginormous paws....

So, now that you have the full picture of his bigness..... the start of the day.

The kids decided that they all wanted to go out and play, which is great, I love when they get out there and run around. But then here comes Moto, running up and knocking the kids down like they are bowling pins and believe me he definitely got a strike. So being the good mom that I am ---at least for that moment---- I step in to wrangle the charging cow. He spins me all around, im yelling sit and smacking his but, he sits and turns his head, twisting my arm and then he starts chewing on my arm. This probably went on for a good 10 mins before I went inside and gave up --- well more like pouted and told Matt to train his rotten dog!!!----LOL, they are always his when they are misbehaving--- Exhausted, i decided to play on the internet.

Then come nap time.

I put the kids down for their nap at 1030am, they were running around whining and fighting..... what better time than then.

They do not go to sleep till 230!!!!!!!!!!!! The whole time I am in and out of there talking, pleading, yelling.... and so on and so on. I even resorted to telling Ryder that he was going to have to live with strangers if he didnt start listening..... this threat worked for a minuet, until he says---- with big sad eyes----.... and i quote " but mommy, I might miss you!" DAMN IT!!!! He always knows how to get me!!!

So, I then packed all of their toys into bags, all of their stuffed animals, and all of my stuff on shelves that they are always playing with. And they are GROUNDED from their toys! Yes, this is the first time that I have had to ground my kids. I never really thought it would happen, but here we are.

Then to work I go.

LOL, yeah, so my gas light had been on for a while, and as I pulled out of the drive way I had forgotten. The way that I go to work, there are no gas stations on the way, so I was hoping that I would be able to make it to the one right next door to Chili's. I made it to the exit on the freeway, down the ramp, and had to push my Tahoe off the rest of the ramp, around the corner and to the curb. Umm Yeah. Sucky!!! I was pouring sweat. So I called my mom, who brought me a gallon of gas, we put it in...... and Im trying to start it, and I kill the battery!!!!!!!! AGHHHHH! So then I am left to call AAA. They came by, towed the Tahoe and I to the mall parking lot, gave me 5 more gallons of gas and jump started the Tahoe. And I made it to work..... 1.5 hours late!

After a day like yesterday, I think I should just sleep all day today!!! Anyone object??


Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"Foreign" Language Dictionary.....

I have decided that I must be speaking a foreign language to my kids. When I speak to them they look at me strangely, but smile and nod maybe chuckle a little, and hightail it to the other room. (Mind you, this is my exact action when I have either not heard or understood something said by another person.) Ok, so once in the other room, it is my understanding that they pull out an "Understanding Mommy Language, Version 3, Dictionary" and translate what I say.

Here are some common translation:

Mommy Says: Leave the fruit alone. It is not ripe and will not taste good.

Translation: Please, good sir, eat all of my expensive juicy delicious fruit, and then hide it under my coffee table, for that is where we put all unfinished food. Thank you so much =) Have a wonderful day! =)

Mommy Says: Take a nap. We have things to do today.

Translation: Please, good sir, ITS PLAY TIME!!! ROCK AND ROLL!!! YEAH BABY!!! Thank you so much =) Have a wonderful day! =)

Mommy says: Do not go pee in your bed or on the floor. It is disgusting and smells really bad.

Translation: This here, good sir, is the restroom. Feel free to relieve yourself in any corner, toy box, or bed that is not occupied. And if it is occupied, just dont splash any on the walls. Thank you so much. =) Have a wonderful day! =)

Mommy Says: Stay out of the dog food and dog water. It is not to play in!

Translation: Please, good sir, throw this here dog food, all around the house and dance on it. Be sure to soak it in the water first, it sticks better that way. Thanks so much. =) Have a wonderful day! =)


Translation: Please, good sir, we are having a wet t-shirt contest and need you to be in charge of soaking everyone. Be sure to make it really muddy and get the dogs. Everyone likes wet dogs and mud!! Also, good sir, wet yourself and roll in the mud..... it is the only way to win the contest. Thanks so much. =) Have a wonderful day! =) Oh yeah, good sir, be sure to sit on the couch, it is the winners chair. =)

Now that i have a better understanding of what i am saying to my children, maybe we can have a better day. Thanks so much. =) Have a wonderful day! =)


will be updating on...

1. kids
2. jesse and jillians wedding
3. some new sites that i found
4. exercise and diet
5. and us in general

i am off tomorrow and plan on taking care of quite a bit of all of this.
Love you all!!


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mommy, your not a FAT GIRL anymore??

SO i remeasured today---- and yes there are some changes!!!! YAY!!! If that isnt motivation, I dont know what is!!

Funny little story: I was talking to the kids yesterday morning and while getting them breakfast, and I was telling them how mommy needed to work out for the day when they took a nap, and mr. ryder says "Mommy, your not a FAT GIRL any more?!? ---- Thanks Bud!! =)