Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"Foreign" Language Dictionary.....

I have decided that I must be speaking a foreign language to my kids. When I speak to them they look at me strangely, but smile and nod maybe chuckle a little, and hightail it to the other room. (Mind you, this is my exact action when I have either not heard or understood something said by another person.) Ok, so once in the other room, it is my understanding that they pull out an "Understanding Mommy Language, Version 3, Dictionary" and translate what I say.

Here are some common translation:

Mommy Says: Leave the fruit alone. It is not ripe and will not taste good.

Translation: Please, good sir, eat all of my expensive juicy delicious fruit, and then hide it under my coffee table, for that is where we put all unfinished food. Thank you so much =) Have a wonderful day! =)

Mommy Says: Take a nap. We have things to do today.

Translation: Please, good sir, ITS PLAY TIME!!! ROCK AND ROLL!!! YEAH BABY!!! Thank you so much =) Have a wonderful day! =)

Mommy says: Do not go pee in your bed or on the floor. It is disgusting and smells really bad.

Translation: This here, good sir, is the restroom. Feel free to relieve yourself in any corner, toy box, or bed that is not occupied. And if it is occupied, just dont splash any on the walls. Thank you so much. =) Have a wonderful day! =)

Mommy Says: Stay out of the dog food and dog water. It is not to play in!

Translation: Please, good sir, throw this here dog food, all around the house and dance on it. Be sure to soak it in the water first, it sticks better that way. Thanks so much. =) Have a wonderful day! =)


Translation: Please, good sir, we are having a wet t-shirt contest and need you to be in charge of soaking everyone. Be sure to make it really muddy and get the dogs. Everyone likes wet dogs and mud!! Also, good sir, wet yourself and roll in the mud..... it is the only way to win the contest. Thanks so much. =) Have a wonderful day! =) Oh yeah, good sir, be sure to sit on the couch, it is the winners chair. =)

Now that i have a better understanding of what i am saying to my children, maybe we can have a better day. Thanks so much. =) Have a wonderful day! =)


will be updating on...

1. kids
2. jesse and jillians wedding
3. some new sites that i found
4. exercise and diet
5. and us in general

i am off tomorrow and plan on taking care of quite a bit of all of this.
Love you all!!


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mommy, your not a FAT GIRL anymore??

SO i remeasured today---- and yes there are some changes!!!! YAY!!! If that isnt motivation, I dont know what is!!

Funny little story: I was talking to the kids yesterday morning and while getting them breakfast, and I was telling them how mommy needed to work out for the day when they took a nap, and mr. ryder says "Mommy, your not a FAT GIRL any more?!? ---- Thanks Bud!! =)


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

embarassing, but i need help.....

OK, so here it goes..... I am going to count on you --- my friends, family and random followers (if any exist)--- to help keep me on track with encouragement, maybe harsh words (i may cry, just a warning), and most of all LOVE. Idealy I need to lose 40 pounds. YES that is the big, BIG 40!!! So I am going to lay it all out on here: my actual weight, height, measurments --- for your sake it will only be numbers, not pictures..... i dont want a blind following --- and I am going to keep an almost daily log on here of my exercise and food intake. Maybe I will put it in the side bar so my blog isnt taken over by only FAT thoughts!!! But please help me --- so no starbucks... ok maybe the tea, no eating out (only in a complete emergency), and so on. If anyone would like to join me in my efforts, please let me know, it could actually be fun..... and no Amy you are not allowed to partake in this, miss skinny minny (well you are only allowed to be part of the encouragement, harsh words, or love)..... once Mr. Maddox is here we may re-negotiate =) So im begging you all to help me out!!! Love you all!!!


Monday, June 15, 2009

A few updates....

Here are some updates from the last few weeks...

1. Gabby graduated!! Yay for her. I remember when I first met her, she was just about to turn 13!!! OMG, time flies!!! Well congrats to my wonderful sister in law!! Love you!!!

2. I signed up for school and have picked a career path!!! I start in August at Mount San Antonio College (Mt. SAC) in Walnut Ca. I will be studying to be a Air Traffic Controller. This is going to require alot from Matt, the kids and I, but in the end it will be worth it. There may be a move sometime soon and alot of stress, but i think we will be fine =)

3. Jesse and Jillian's wedding is getting close so there have been parties and planning all coming together. There was a bridal shower that the girls put together... it was so much fun!!! And this past weekend was the Bachelorette party, which from what I saw they all had a blast!! I wish I could have been there, but as long as they had fun I am happy =) Next up, hair appointments, shopping, rehersals, maybe a few get toghthers.... lol, you never know. But most of all the wedding..... June 26th.

4. I have started working out. Yep I finally took the plunge after a horribly terifying photo of me..... lol, i know, can you believe it. So I have started working out to the "Biggest Loser DVD" I love it so much. It is not a bunch of little skinny minnies jumping around..... it is regular people who have some weight to lose..... just like me. =) Love it!!!

Well that is about it for updates....


Thursday, June 4, 2009

a day at the park.....

So the kids and I headed up to Fraizer Park to visit Amy, Emmitt, Alaina, and baby belly Maddox. We had lunch, fed the ducks, hung out, and played on the jungle gym.

Mason climbing up a ladder and scaring mommy.....

Kayden and Alaina hanging out.... they are besties =)

Ryder cracking up.....

Emmitt cracking up too.... Something must be funny...

Best buds feeding the ducks..... Dont worry Mason, Maddox is on his way to buddy up with you..... =)