Tuesday, June 16, 2009

embarassing, but i need help.....

OK, so here it goes..... I am going to count on you --- my friends, family and random followers (if any exist)--- to help keep me on track with encouragement, maybe harsh words (i may cry, just a warning), and most of all LOVE. Idealy I need to lose 40 pounds. YES that is the big, BIG 40!!! So I am going to lay it all out on here: my actual weight, height, measurments --- for your sake it will only be numbers, not pictures..... i dont want a blind following --- and I am going to keep an almost daily log on here of my exercise and food intake. Maybe I will put it in the side bar so my blog isnt taken over by only FAT thoughts!!! But please help me --- so no starbucks... ok maybe the tea, no eating out (only in a complete emergency), and so on. If anyone would like to join me in my efforts, please let me know, it could actually be fun..... and no Amy you are not allowed to partake in this, miss skinny minny (well you are only allowed to be part of the encouragement, harsh words, or love)..... once Mr. Maddox is here we may re-negotiate =) So im begging you all to help me out!!! Love you all!!!


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  1. HEEEYYY!!! I will participate as a silent partner....shhh....you didn't hear that. (lol) Once Maddox is here we could kick eachothers butts into shape! But seriously I really do need to be more careful now that I'm in that final stretch where everything seems to multiply my body fat. I love you and encouagement is here!!