Wednesday, May 13, 2009

my kitty proved that karma is real... teehee.

as I sit here eating my cereal and drinking my coffee, the kids are already fighting.... its not even 9am!!!! I am already looking forward to nap time and really dreading any form of chores today. to add to my grumpyness, last night, after only 3.5 hours of sleep, the dogs wake me up to their excited tails hitting the wall and their wet noses poking at my face..... uggg!!!! and then the over powering smell of dog farts(?), so i get up to let them out and notice that the smell of farts has changed to a more poop smell.....humm ok. Moto does have it bad sometimes.... let the dogs out, come back and search the floor and under the bed, mind you Matt is sleeping while I have the light on and am sneaking around trying to find the now full on poop smell. it is no where in sight....huh. what is going on.....and then it dawns on me.....the cat was in all night.... i forgot to bring in the litter box.... he really hates matt.... oh crap...... well acutally s***..... HE CRAPPED ON MATTS FEET!!!!!! thank goodness that he had the covers on last night, so i got the mess cleaned up, matt didn't even stir, sprayed a ton of febreeze and tried not to laugh at the fact that pay back is a b****. MAtt has been torturing my poor kitty for years, since day one, and every now and again the kittys will sneak in while matt is busy or sleeping and leave him a nice little suprise.....*snicker* I totally believe in karma.

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  1. Oh Shoot!! That's a GRREAT story! LOL! Matt didn't stir the whole time you picked up the poop? That kitty really doesn't like him.