Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Few Updates....

I got promoted!!!!! I am now bar tending on Friday and Saturday nights and as I get better at it, I will hopefully get some more shifts =D I love, love, love it!! So if you are in town stop on by, even if you dont drink, come and sit at the bar and visit with me.... cause you know, I do pour a tasty soda.... even if I do say it myself ;)

Ryder turned 4, yeah I have a 4 year old!!! AHHH!!! We went to the Jet Hawks baseball stadium for the game, some pizza, and fireworks. It was a blast!!! Ryder got to go out on the field and throw the first pitch of the game, so cute.... but unfortunately, due to much excitement he threw the ball before anyone could get and pictures or video!!! LOL, there is only video of it right after. Crazy boy!! We even had a surprise guest--- Great uncle tim was able to make it out from Texas to join in the festivities, it was wonderful to get to see him. Hopefully next time the whole family can make it out, we miss you guys!!!

We also just celebrated Kaydens 3rd birthday. Our little princess had a party at Chuck E Cheese, oh yes, where even an adult can be a kid---Matt won enough tickets to buy the kids a bunch of junk from the counter. It was so wonderful to get everyone together. Our friends Amy, Kurt, Emmittt, Alaina, and soon to be Maddox joined us in all of the fun. The kids had a blast playing and climbing, and Mason and Kayden are big fans of the Chuck E cheese band, I think they danced in front of the stage for a greater portion of the night. Silly kids!!

And little man Mason is starting to talk up a storm. Anything you say he can repeat and he can tell you what he needs and wants in single words!! He is also still a huge momma's boy.... I love it. He always comes and checks in with me and climbs into my lap for lovin'. momma, momma.... unfortunately it will go to fast and soon he wont need me, so I am sucking up every minute.

Matt recently got in touch with his friend Andrew from high school. Andrew is in the process of moving back out here from Georgia and the boys have big plans. =) I really look forward to meeting Andrew and Matt having a good friend around!!

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