Monday, May 18, 2009

monday madness!! AGHHH!!!

so far today.... we have spilled not one, not two, but three bowls of cereal on mommy's newly mopped floor.... pushed out the screen door, and fallen with it onto the floor....had mommy tell us 300,000 times not to mess with the screen door.....up-ended mommys nice stack of coupons onto the floor.... and gotten bit by an ant ---which im sure was much deserved--- when we destroyed its home....not eaten our food, but we have asked and asked for something different, by the way we love yogurt.....and only yogurt..... and can you believe that mommy is so mean that she is making us take a nap!!!! ughh!!!!..... we dont like mommy right now!!
---mommy's evil snickers in the background---

1 comment:

  1. mommys evil snickers is the best part of that! What a mean mommy you are making your kids take naps....I mean who does that? Certainly not me.....ha ha ha! ;)